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Speakers Bureau lectures are offered in-person or virtually (on Zoom).

Questions? Email Speakers@massmastergardeners.org.

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The Massachusetts Master Gardener Association (MMGA) is an independent nonprofit organization serving Eastern and Central Massachusetts. Our mission focuses on sharing gardening and horticultural best practices with the public through outreach and educational programs. We currently have a volunteer workforce of 700 Master Gardeners who receive intensive training both prior to MG certification and ongoing, as horticultural science and gardening issues and opportunities evolve.

Why choose an MMGA Speakers Bureau lecture?

Since the creation of our Speakers Bureau in 2005, MMGA lectures have provided thousands of individuals with information they need to be good environmental citizens and successful gardeners.

REASON #1: Our experience

Our speakers present over 100 lectures annually, with many organizations returning year after year. References are available upon request.

REASON #2: Trained, knowledgeable speakers

On average our Speakers Bureau members have been Certified Massachusetts Master Gardeners for 12 years – some as long as 20 years. All speakers have in-depth knowledge of and hands-on experience with their topics. They are passionate about their subjects, as well as about teaching others. Many have advanced horticultural training, including certifications from area universities and other organizations. 

REASON #3: Wide range of topics

We currently offer over 50 lecture topics in seven categories: The Basics, Garden Types, Growing Specific Plant Species, Growing from Seed, Growing Edibles, Indoor Gardening, and Gardening Issues and Opportunities. We are adding new categories and topics all the time. Please refer to the link at the top of this page for our list of topics.

REASON #4: Affordable pricing

Like many of our Speakers Bureau clients, the MMGA is a nonprofit organization, so we appreciate the need to manage costs. An MMGA Speakers Bureau lecture costs $225.

REASON #5: Full-service approach

Contracts include a one-hour lecture (usually a richly illustrated PowerPoint presentation) plus ample time for audience Q&A. For your convenience, speakers provide their own laptop and projector. Handouts are included with most lectures.

If your lecture is open to the public, you’ll likely want to attract as large an audience as possible. When you book your lecture, we will send you our publicity package: topic summary, speaker bio, and MMGA logo art. We also list your public event on our Facebook page, which has over 2,000 followers.

How to get started…

When you book with us, our Speakers Bureau Manager becomes your single point of contact. Our goal is to make the process as efficient as possible and to ensure that you and your attendees have an educational and fun experience.

START by reviewing our list of topics that can be found at the link at the top of the page.

EMAIL US (Speakers@MassMasterGardeners.org) with the following information: Your name, the name of your organization, event date/time/location, and desired topic. Within one week we’ll get back to you with speaker availability.

PICK THE TOPIC YOU WANT, and we’ll generate a contract for you to sign and return.

WATCH YOUR EMAIL for your publicity package.

AS YOUR LECTURE DATE NEARS, if you have questions, help is just an email away at Speakers@MassMasterGardeners.org. Your speaker will contact you to confirm event logistics.

We look forward to working with you to meet your lecture needs.

Speakers Bureau Calendar

Host organizations are making the following MMGA Speakers Bureau presentations available to the general public.  Come to check out a topic your own organization may want to consider hosting in the future ... or just to enjoy the learning experience and make some new gardening friends.

INSTRUCTIONS: Hover over this window and watch for a square with an arrow to appear in the upper right hand corner.  Click this square to open the schedule in its own window.  Scroll through the document until you find the information you need.

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