Master Gardener Certification Program Registration

The Master Gardener Certification Program Information

The 2024 Master Gardener Certification Program is full.

Thank you for your interest. Registration for the 2025 program will begin in October 2024.

How Can I Become a Massachusetts Master Gardener?


The Master Gardener program grew out of extension education services offered through land grant universities in the United States. The first Master Gardener program was established in 1973, and today there are master gardener programs in all 50 states and in 8 provinces in Canada. The mission of the Master Gardener program is focused on urban and suburban gardens with emphasis on unbiased scientific horticultural practices.


The Massachusetts Master Gardener organization (MMGA) became an independent organization in 2008 and has grown to have more than 500 active volunteers that work in more than 46 gardens throughout eastern and central Massachusetts. Our mission is to act as a resource for our communities through direct service in historic and food pantry gardens, by giving lectures, and supporting outreach projects in schools and non-profit organizations. To support this mission we train our volunteers in best practices horticultural methods through a lecture series, and an internship program that is supported by Certified Master Gardeners.


The 2024 Program begins with a 16 week lecture series on January 9th. Which is followed by a 7 month internship, where the students are asked to complete 60 hours of volunteer work. During the internship you will continue to learn about horticulture by working alongside other Certified Master gardeners.


After completing the program requirements, you will become a Certified Master Gardener. You will be part of a community who is passionate about horticulture, who successfully initiate projects in our neighborhoods, and work in ongoing projects gardens as a community of colleagues and friends. And we have many social events to learn more about horticulture, other project gardens,  and each others’ gardens.


Lecture series schedule: January 9 - April 30, 2024

There will be 12 lectures via zoom, and 4 in-person sessions. The class size is 40 people, and the expectation is that you attend all the scheduled lectures; they are not recorded. The lectures are held on Tuesdays from 8:45 am to 12pm. There are weekly homework assignments and 2 take-home exams which are based on assigned reading from the PennState Extension Master Gardener Manual.


January 9 Orientation (in-person, site to be determined)*

January 16  Soil Science, part 1

January 23  Soil Science, part 2

January 30  Botany, part 1

February 6  Botany, part 2

February 13    Perennials

February 20   Woody Ornamental

February 27    Native Plants

March 5       Vegetables

March 12     NO CLASS MEETING, mid-term due Mar 31

March 19     Weeds & Invasive species

March 26     Plant Propagation

April 2          Integrated Pest Management/Entomology

April 9          Pruning (in person, site to be determined)*

April 16        Plant Diseases

April 23        Lab Day / practicum (in-person, site to be determined)*

April 30        Project Day (in-person, site to be determined)*

Internship: May 1 - November 30, 2024

During the 7 month internship, the students are asked to complete 60 hours of volunteer work. You will be supported, supervised and work along-side MMGA Certified Master Gardeners. The volunteer hours are broken up into several categories. We want to expose you to all the types of volunteer work the organization does.


What Are the Benefits to Becoming a Certified Massachusetts Master Gardener? 

How to Apply

The 2024 Master Gardener Certification Program is full. Our next class will be in 2025 and we will announce it in October 2024 in The Dirt magazine in October 2024 - a free electronic publication of the MMGA.  If you already  subscribe to The Dirt, thank you. If you are not a current subscriber, please click here to subscribe.